Discussion – Male Characters in Shounen Manga Need Feminism in Order to Fight Without Unnecessary Handicaps

Being that I thoroughly enjoy manga, and that this hits most of the major ones of today, I found this an interesting read.

Mahou Tofu


So, my friend Mike came back home for Spring break at a very awkward time. I don’t think that I knew anyone else that had their break when he did, but I definitely had to make time to see him. The thing is, whenever we get together, Mike and I have some really interesting conversations. One of those conversations inspired this article. We were talking about the current state of the Beelzebub manga and the mixed feelings that we have regarding the direction that it is taking. That led to a talk about how Oga has never fought any of the girls in the series even though said girls have not only challenged him, but are quite strong in their own regard. This is actually a pretty big issue. Why can’t good guys fight girls seriously in shounen manga? More often than not, current shounen series will boast extremely…

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