Termites (Short Poem)

So I guess Tuesday is my quasi-official release date each week.  That being said, I don’t have a short story to share. This last week was a little difficult to work with, so instead I’ll post a short poem I wrote several months ago. Poetry is hardly my forte, but I rather like this one. Enjoy.


I’m a termite.  I’ve made home in this block of wood.
It’s getting warmer, I wonder if I could dig deeper in this block
to find a good place for my baby to sleep.

Sweat trickles to my eyes.   I begin to stagger.
Crackling noise disturbs my baby and wakes her from that sleep.
She shakes hard in my arms, but the ashes keep her from crying.

Our home I’ve made begins to burn, including all we have.
All our suffering for a gentle laugh, an evening, our deaths inspire.
For while we burn, another family enjoys their night out at the campfire.